Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Life updates

- had a long talk with someone yesterday. very very long. about a lot of things.
- I had finished my exams, done my thesis and presentation and I am on my spring hols waiting for graduation. at last. alhamdulillah.
- I havent start packing yet and still under shocked seeing all the things I have in my room. I want to throw it all if I can.
- it is weird and amazing how you can be honest with someone and doesnt afraid to let he/she knows what inside of you.
- I am still adjusting and please bear with me.
- upon someone`s suggestion, I downloaded hachimitsu to kuroba and falled in love with the anime.
- Mizore today! 9/3=ari berterimakasih ke ape dattake? its freaking cold wei!
- I am now stucked in the lab helping my junior with her experiment.
- missing a lot people.

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