Thursday, March 18, 2010


Had a dream.
Unpleasant one.
Feel like crying.

I dreamt Allah took away one of the most important thing at the moment.
Which I cant imagine what to do if I lose it now.
When I need it the most now.
Made me woke up to complete blur and clueless.
I dont know what to do, what to say if it really happens.
I am stil not ready for it even I always say that I am ready.
Because It feels different this time.
Yeah. I know, the thing isnt mine yet, and I will lose it anytime.
Benda yang hanya dipinjamkan buat sementara,bukan untuk selamanya.
But stil its too much to lose it.

I dreamt Allah took away EncikDia from me..
Encik Asnawi from me..

Please say that it was just a dream..
Say that it was just a dream..
Please not now..
I am not ready yet..

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